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Understanding Abusive Relationships

24.11.2014 12:31

Understanding Abusive Relationships

By: Psychologist María Hernández

Zaragoza - Spain



Women experience the brunt of violence. The alarming rate of violence has been the cause for increased study of aggressors

in the scientific community.  In light of this, the questions most frequently asked are:

Why do men abuse women? Is there a typical

profile that would help in identifying one?

To try to answer these questions, we must emphasize that in speaking of violence we refer to a complex learned behavior and

multidimensional in its expression and multifactorial in its causation, covering both physical violence and psychological

violence. In studies, we found that bullies often have significant psychological deficiencies, such as cognitive biases (distorted

thoughts about sex roles and the inferiority of women and the justification of violence), difficulties in communication and

problem solving, irritability and a lack of impulse control and other specific problems (alcohol-drug addiction which acts as

disinhibiting, existence of pathological jealousy, emotional instability or a personality disorder, the most frequently encountered

antisocial, the limit and narcissistic).

In light of this, is an intervention with an aggressor designed to heal them? 

We respond strongly "NO". It is important to note that a psychological intervention with aggressors is not designed and applied

to cure a person, but its utility is to change the mind and behavior of a subject, to uproot violence and reallocate their

behavioral repertoire.

Is there a particular profile for the abused women?

We cannot tell for sure, either way. The attackers have a higher rate than the mainstream population of psychopathological

entities. It is true that sometimes profiles where the attackers as social skills deficit or impulse control appear diffuse. However,

there is no way to say for sure if these psychological factors always lead violence. Therefore, it is necessary to have not only

psychological intervention to assist women victims of male violence, but also to provide rehabilitation treatment for abusers. A

number of studies have shown that psychological treatment is shown to be the most appropriate way to deal with the abusers.

To all the exposed; How can we move forward in achieving an equal society and less violent than the current one?

Recent research suggests that intervention with abused women and their children is essential but insufficient if we do not act

simultaneously on the aggressor through a rehabilitation process. Is ample evidence that gender violence is an educational

problem, which is transmitted across generations through observational learning. At all levels in society, everyone has a role in

eradicating violence against women and children, not only those directly affected by it - in the end it affects the community